Saturday, September 9, 2017

Koiya Festival;photo highlights


The Koiya Festival is a team dancing event held in Osaka.
This year the event is being held at Osakajo Koen station from 9/9-9/10.
The performance are based on Yosakoi style dancing (that is why the festival shares the "koi" element of its name).
Teams have different themes and costumes.
Dance performances usually have an ending pose that is suited well to still photography.
I like the pose and foot positioning in this photo.
Note the tabi boots that many of the performers wear.
I like the individual variation in facial expressions here.
This group from Hokkaido has some wild-eyed members.
This group is always a hit with the crowd when they strip down to their fundoshi (Japanese loincloths).
I like this photo because the guy in the front has a head that seems to be Photoshopped onto his body because of the difference in size, skin color and exaggerated expression.

It can be hard to capture dancers in motion without blurring but like the way that her hair is caught between the camera and the colored lights.
A cheerleader style display of gymnastics, if only I had set my camera to high shutter speeds I may have been able to get some better shots.
This group looks like villains from Samurai Jack.
Outfits inspired by kabuki makeup.
This dancers really have expression faces while they are dancing.
 Most yosakoi dancers paint there faces to look more dramatic and expressive.
I like this pose, it would fit well on an action movie poster.
The dancer here looks as if he is casting a voodoo curse on someone.
In a Mortal Kombat game, this would be the part where they cut some in half with their hat.
I like the way that the hand positioning compliments the various facial expressions for these poses.
Note the narako, hand clappers, that the dancers use in yosakoi.
The all male cheerleader team had a lot of power for high throws and pyramids.
They all have a sort of Justin Bieber quality to their hairstyles.

Nicely sychoronized poses here.
She looks like the Wendy's mascot.

The diversity of hair styles make this look like a Final Fantasy cutscene.