Tuesday, September 12, 2017

La Fiesta Mexicana 2017

The "La Fiesta Mexicana" has become an annual festival in Osaka. 

This Mexican themed festival is held at Umeda Sky Building, near Osaka station, around the second weekend of September.

The festival features a number of vendors selling Mexican food and drinks. The food ranges in cost from 300 yen to about 1000 yen. The food can be eaten at tables that are set up in front of a stage featuring Mexican mariachi music, dancing, dance lessons and pinatas that are popular with kids.

In addition to food vendors there are also vendors selling clothing, accessories (especially silver goods) and decorations.

The event is extremely popular with foreigners/expats.

The Umeda Sky Building is a popular tourist attraction in Osaka. The plaza at the base of the two conjoined towers is used as a venue for numerous international festivals including a German Oktoberfest, Belgian Beer Festival, Christmas Village and a Hawaiian Aloha festival. Umeda Sky Building has offices for the German consulate, which explains cultural connection to German events.

This kid is drawing first blood candy from his pinata.
volunteers were always tying the handles safety strap around the kids' right hands, so they always had this weird grip.
This kid had his Uchiha shirt on for some Sasuke inspired jutsu (Naruto references).
The pinata event gave each kid a limited amount of time to go after the pinata.
A lot of kids lined up for this event but they had plenty of pinatas.
Many of the popular performers re-appear on the stage schedule at regular intervals over the days and nights of the festival.
Mariachis are a staple of Mexican festivals.
This group performs mariachi renditions of popular Japanese songs.
In addition to mariachi ensembles there are also marimba players on the stage schedule.
The festival runs for about 3 days; Friday to Sunday. Starting each day around lunch time and ending at 9pm.
The festival gives patrons a chance to see the travelling version of dishes served by local Mexican restaurants.