Monday, September 4, 2017

State of the blog address; 100 posts

Kansai Culture has recently passed the 100-post milestone.

The blog rhythm is picking up pace with the regular photojournal pieces and “upcoming event” schedules.
We plan to release a pair of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) pieces soon about “the Tagata penis festival” and “Shikuhatte; Japan’s Kama Sutra” so you can preemptively object to or support such material.

The WordPress version of the site has been neglected; this has been because of technical limitations such as limited space for free WordPress sites. Since this blog focuses on photo journals Blogger seems favorable for me.

Some technical issues have been Blogger/Google’s lack of iPhone support and blog widgets which function at a less than ideal level. Could another Blogger user suggest a widget for Twitter and Facebook feeds? I am also thinking about doing away with the permanent map link at the bottom of the blog (desktop version) and simply including the map with all of the monthly event guides.
As for the map, the event photos that were uploaded to event descriptions have all been replaced with black; what gives Google?!

Special thanks to everyone who has been supporting the work that gets published here; especially the folks who share on Twitter such as @craighoffman11, @jlandkev and @BeingKansai

Some other milestones/metrics the blog has passed recently:
Over 1 year in operation
13,000 page visits
198 Twitter followers
19 Facebook follows

-KansaiCulture / @KansaiPhotos