Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tempozan World Performance Festival


Tempozan World Performance Festival

The World Performance Festival is an annual event held every year during the 3-day weekend in mid-September (during Respect for the Aged Day).

Kaiyukan is across the bay from USJ, so this is a popular place for tourists. That means that the Tempozan Plaza is a popular place for street performers who vie for that tourist money.

Since about 2010, there has been a formal competition in which audiences vote for performers (with tokens that you must pay for). The top two performers are presented with a prize and prize money.

There are a number of performers who are scheduled to perform at specific times and stages around the market area. Performances usually only last about 20 minutes.

There is a lot of overlap in the variety of performance types; jugglers, balloon artists, acrobats and mimes. But these are types of performances that everyone can enjoy despite language barriers. A number of these performers have appeared on television variety shows and performance events all over Japan.

As a kids' English teacher I think that it is useful to see how professional performers interact with audience and manage crowds and if you can pick up a few balloon art tricks you can make a big splash a school parties.
Balloon dragon by Syan.
Balloon dragon in front of Tempozan ferris wheel and the Tempozan Marketplace.
An elaborate balloon sculpture of a dragon.
The balloons are prepared in a way that initially presents the dragon as an egg.
A fun version of the balloon hat.
Syan presenting his balloon phoenix. Similar to the dragon in that they both start as eggs.
A phoenix, which usually has a rainbow tail in the Japanese tradition.
A performing mime with LED shoes.
Syan wearing a shishimai costume.
A little girl who freaked out when the shishimai came along.
This juggler was one of the rare female performers.
Juggling fire at night.
There were multiple performers using the tall unicycles.
This photo captures the Tempozan ferris wheel in the background.
The Kikyo Brothers juggling as a human tower.
Most performers will call for volunteers from the audience.
The Kikyo Brothers with a type of juggling yo-yo that is popular in Japan.
The performers poses for a group photo after the finale.
First place when to Syan. Second place to Leo.
Kaiyukan Aquarium at night.
Temposan ferris wheel displaying a full assortment of colored LED lights.
Tempozan Ohashi bridge.
A ship that provides brief tours around Osaka Bay.

Syan - a balloon artist

Gonzo- the tambourine master