Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Guinness Book Records from Kansai

Guinness Book World Records from Kansai

Largest bon dance: 2748 people. Yao Kawachi Ondo, 2017

Oldest woman: 117 years old. Osaka.

Largest can art sculpture: 35,679 cans in a recreation of Takatori Castle. Takatori.

Longest monorail: 21.2km (now expanded to 23.8). The Osaka monorail from Itami airport that goes around Banpaku (Expo Park) to Senri-Chuo subway station.

Most people making a tiramisu: 286 people. 2013 in Osaka.

 The band with the oldest average age for the musicians: 83 years old. Golden Senior Trio Group that performs in the Kansai area (2016)

Oldest wooden building: built in 700. Horyuji Temple in Nara.

Oldest private residence: built in 806. Hakogi family house in Kobe.

Newspaper with the largest circulation: 14 million readers (2016). Yomiuri Shinbun.

Largest tomb: 46 hectare. Daisen Kofun, the burial mound of emperor Nintoku who died in 399.

Largest taiyaki; 1m long. Made in a custom press that is used during the Doguyasuji shopping street festival in Osaka every October.

Oldest surviving company: founded in 578. The Kongo Gumi construction company is has headquarters in Osaka. It was founded by carpenters who came from Korea to build early Buddhist temples for prince Shotoku.

Longest roller coaster track: 2.48 km. Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land in Kuwana, Mie prefecture.

Shortest Citizens’ Charter: 「和」(“wa” meaning “harmony”). One word, one kanji, two letters in romaji. For the town of Katano in Osaka prefecture.

The world’s longest suspension bridge: 1991 meters long. Akashi-Kaiko Bridge, near Kobe.