Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017; Osaka

2017 Halloween Photo Highlights

These photos are from three of the best places to observe Halloween in Osaka: Triangle Park (Sankaku Koen), Ebisu-bashi bridge (near Namba station) and USJ (Universal Studios Japan).
These are all public spaces where people in costumes gather to see and be seen. 
USJ has a shopping center and an entry area (which does not require paid entry) where you can see hundreds of people who get dressed in costume to party at the theme park.

Costume shop in Shinsaibashi.
Halloween decorations in Namba Walk.
This guy dressed as a functioning camera.
@cameraaman on Twitter.
Harley Quinn and Joker costumes are still popular about a year and a half after Suicide Squad came out.
This Link cosplayer was carrying a lot of items.
This traffic was tied up around Amemura as police closed off the streets around Triangle Park this year.
You can check his photos on Twitter.
He seemed to be using a Wi-Fi capable camera and a tablet?
Apparently Game of Thrones is not popular in Japan because everyone thought this GoT cosplayer was a Star Wars character.
No matter what the costume, if you have a team of people wearing the same thing a lot of pretty girls will want a picture with you.
This costume involved a team of people pushing carts to set up a generator, a pachinko machine, stool, pachinko trays fuel, pachinko machine stand...
Halloween; encouraging people to get in shape or encouraging fit people to dress sexy?
Japanese biker costume.
Disemboweled zombie. He also has a dangling, shredded face.
This Godzilla is smaller than the T-Rex.
Big Step in Amemura, near Shinsaibashi, has Halloween decorations every year.
 Just around the corner from Triangle Park (Sankaku Koen).
USJ entrance is a popular place for people in Halloween costumes.
Excellent use of caution tape.
Female versions of Kuidaotaro.
A smart phone with a signal icon.
Improper demonstration of gun safety.
Facepaint plus mask equals ???
Military cosplay.
Kanye West. This feels a bit racist.
Lots of maids.
A team off dinosaurs wait for an elevator behind a bunny girl as an old lady walks past.
Lots of sexy bunny girls. A Halloween standard.
This guy is struggling with his penis costume.
Anonymous young men pose with girls in assorted sexy-girl costumes.
Various Waldos. He is called "Wally" in Japan.
Bunny girls in the foreground and Cat-Women in the background.
DreamWorks, Disney and DC in one picture.
Dragon Ball Z characters.
Freiza and Cell fusion.
Vegetta has a light-up scanner.
The Dragon Balls.
Sexy-jutsu Naruto and Lum the Invader.
Majin Buu.
A team Kamehameha forces the driver to put the truck into reverse.
Bunny girls.
The forest spirit from Princess Mononoke.
Bunny girls plus LED light
Jason from Halloween?
Blakck-face nun choir team.
Jack Sparrow x2.
Ebisu-bashi is the biggest party spot in Osaka.
Bunny girl with LED shoes.
Candy girl with a NASCAR jacket?
Colorful mask of melted M&Ms. Impressive makeup work. Maybe this is an original costume?
A boxing gym offers to let party goers swing at a costumed boxer for one minute.
A fidget spinner.
The moment that a party-boy jumps off of Ebisu-Bashi bridge.
Cow man.
A Scream mask with Hello Kitty pajamas.
Candy stripers?
50s waitresses?
Bunny girls
I like the backlighting here.
"Hey baby, check out my swan"
Some girls dressed as kindergarten students.
A party boat that cruises Dotombori.
Sexy girl and hideous man-baby.
Prison zombies?
LED headbands.
The weather improved suddenly for Halloween on Tuesday.
Usually the Saturday before Halloween is the most popular party night.
Some kind of police/military theme?
Only a few of the girls in this military fatigue group went with the sexy tape.
Someone set up a portable train photo booth. The destination sign is marked as "Ame Mura"
The colorful lights of the shopping complex of USJ.
Detective Conan characters.
USJ on Halloween.
Dragon Ball characters.
This cameraman brought some nice portable lighting equipment.