Friday, November 10, 2017

Pinball nostalgia vs celebrity deaths

Silverball Planet is a large pinball arcade in the Big Step center in Osaka, near Shinsaibashi station.
The arcade has many machines.
It occurred to me in my latest visit that many of the celebrities who were icons during the era of pinball popularity have been passing away recently. It seemed that many of the machines there were reminders of these individuals:
Three Playboy machines. A younger High Hefner appears prominently on each.
Playboy; Hugh Hefner 2017
The 1960s Batman TV series;
Adam West 2017

Ghost Busters;
Egon Spengler - Harold Ramis 2014

Star Wars:
Obi wan Kenobi - Alec Guiness 2000
Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher 2016

South Park: Chef - Isaac Hayes 2004
The Simpsons: Mrs. Krabapple - Marcia Wallace 2013