Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Osaka Motor Show 2017



Beck GTS a clone of the Porsche 550 Spyder.

Beck model with 60's motif.


BMW i8
BMW i8


The typical boxy look of the Daihatsu family vehicles.

Harley Davidson

This kid is really stretches to reach the handlebars on this Harley.


an Audi in the Tomei booth.


Crash simulator to demonstrate the three-point seat belt which Volvo famously introduced.


Highway safety offered several miniature electric cars.

Bumblebee from the Transformers
Autobot booth?
Mobile alternative to an apartment?
Champagne garnish on luxury interior customizations.
Customized paint services.
Accessory booth model
Car show model with a cowgirl look.
A four-wheeler with a flash-car makeover at the Sphere Light booth.
Sphere Light, a customization shop's booth.

A maze game. An alarm sounds if the wand touches the copper lined walls of the course.
The pedestrians and car traffic are motorized obstacles on the course.
The game is called "safe return home game."
A modified camping vehicle.

Car model



Suede interior in this Lotus.
Lotus EXiGe 380
Lotus Elise Sprint 220
Lotus Evora Sport 410


Mazda model
Mazda model
Mazda model

Mazda Roadster

Mazda Roadster RF


Suzuki Survivor
Suzuki Survivor headrests.
They look like Star Wars droids.
Some unusual headrests in a Suzuki.
Suzuki Survivor
Suzuki Survivor
Suzuki Survivor with a translucent door showing off the interior.
Suzuki Survivor
Suzuki Survivor stats
Suzuki Survivor

Abarth 124 Spider


Nissan Zero Emission vehicle.

Nissan Leaf

The Notte. A lightweight, inexpensive electric scooter.
60 km (37 mile) range. With a removable battery that charges by standard home outlets.
An Austin Powers aesthetic.
Vintage style half helmet that matches the motor scooter.

The pink model seemed dedicated to maintaining her bored-looking pose.


Large crowds gather when the booth models come out pose.


A track for racing model cars.
Tamiya is a company that sells kits for model cars.
The also make remote ontrolled racecars.
A life size replica of a remote controlled car.
Note the original model car sitting on the front fender.
Note the rollers on the corners that allow the model cars to huge the edges of the racecourse channel walls.


A catapult game where you get three shots to accumulate a score to win a prize from a local Toyota dealer.
Toyota Crown Concept
The Toyota booth combines the malevolent HAL (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and HER (the Spike Jonze movie).
Unusually sparse looking interior.
Electronic steering column and pedals in a futuristic looking unit.
This drivers seat looks like something that Professor Xavier would ride around in.
Riding the Toyota version of the Segway.
GR HV Sports Concept.
Toyota racecar.
The Toyota booth presenter interacted with an AI character to summon a Segway type vehicle.
Concept of an autonomous vehicle.
LED light panel to add details to traditional tail light signals.
Toyota Concept-i


Racecar in the Honda booth.
The Honda NSX appears again.
The Honda NSX was also at this show last year.
Honda Super Cubs.
60 years and 100 million vehicles.
Honda Super Cub

A colorful Honda motorcycle.

Honda EV
Honda Solowing dashboard showing off phone connectivity.
Honda Solowing
Dashboard of a Honda Solowing motorcycle.
Widescreen GPS/dashboard on the Honda EV.

A car promoting the Universal Studios of Japan theme park in Osaka.
Honda employees demonstrating a sit-down version of a "hover board."
Honda motorcycle

Sideview cameras in place of mirrors on the Honda EV.
Another model of electric vehicle from Honda.


The Tesla puts on a musical show; flashing headlights, moving the doors and drunk lid along with an arrangement of music.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin


Eclipse Cross
Futuristic steering "wheel."