Saturday, January 20, 2018

Coming of Age Archery event at Sanjusangendo


Highlights of the 2018 Toshiya ceremony at Sanjusangendo temple in Kyoto.

This gate is a popular place for people to pose for photos.

A forest of bows as people wait for thier turn.

Note the girl in the front, the items she is carrying and how she carries them.
The ring shaped items are holders for bow strings.

The 20 year old girls division. Note the one girl who is so much taller than the others.

ハーフ? A tall girl with unusual features, maybe she is half-Japanese.

Hair that is styled and adorned with beautiful ornaments.

Playing with focus and f/stop for a dramatic view of the crowded scene.

A nice pose by this girl as she looks out into the distance with her head held up.

A sharpshooter's pose.

Note the chest cover, made of mesh material, guard against the bow string.

A nice high-aiming pose.

A look of heroic determination.

The girls with these types of dangling forelocks are affected by the release of the arrow and the passing of the bowstring.

A dramatic cruci-form pose.

Holding the bow in this diagonal pose helps to frame the photo nicely.

A single individual with the background of the Sanjusangendo woodwork.

You can see how the long sleeves are tied back here on the furusode.
Also note the tabi socks and the decorative embroidery on the hakama.

Schoolmates posing together for a photo.
For some reason, there always seem to be, at least one guy who insists on posing shirtless... maybe it is a kyudo thing.
The shirtless guy photo happened after this serious one.
Note how the girls are showing off their furusode sleeves here.
They also have their shoes here, though the kyudo competition is conducted without shoes.

Nice shot produced by aligning a shot from the side rather than further down range.