Thursday, January 18, 2018

February 2018; Upcoming Kansai Events


2月 関西行事

February Event Guide

1/27-3/18. Sword fittings exhibit at the Osaka Museum of History. Near Tanimachi 4-chome station.

12/22-3/26. The Legendary Swords exhibition at Kasugataisha Museum. 500 yen.

12/2-2/5. 10:00-20:00. Studio Ghibli background setting exhibition at the Abeno Harukasu Art Museum. Near Tennoji station. 1500 yen.

11/22-2/25. Osaka Castle Park Illumination event. Illuminage. 1200 yen.

2/1. 12:00. Yutaro ritual in which a Miko (shrine maiden) spreads boiling water with a tree branch. At Iwashimizu Hachimangu. You will need to take a cable car from Yawata station.

2/3. 11:30-15:00. Kyoden performances (11:30-14:00), bean throwing (13:00) and free amazake (sweet saké).

2 /3-4, 2 /10-12. 10:00-16:00. Umeshu taikai.
A plum wine contest at Nagahama Tetsudou Square next to Nagahama station.

2/4. 11:30. Onda festival, featuring a comic play about a demon's sexual relations with his wife. Asuka niimasu jinja. Held on the first Sunday in February. Near Asuka-daibutsu-mae bus stop.


2/3. Open Mic Night at ROR, near JR Namba station. 500 yen entry.

2/6-11. On the 8th and 11th There will be a Big Tea Bowl Ceremony at the Shukou Chakai in Nara City Hall near Nara Kintetsu station.

2/8–3/11. 10:00~10:15. Shikayose. Deer calling/feeding in Nara using a French horn.

2/3-4. 10:00-17:00. One World Festival. Around Ogimachi Park.

2/3-4. Fishing Show, exhibitions at INTEX convention center near Nakafuto station.

2/4-24. 17:00-22:00. Tenri City Light Festival. At Tainoshou ike koen near Tenri station.

2/6? 20:00. Oto Matsuri, flaming torch festival. Near SHINGU STATION at Kamikura shrine in Kumano Hayatama taisha of Wakayama prefecture.

2/6?. After sunset. Flamming torch procession. At Kamikura jinja shrine near Shingu station in Wakayama prefecture.

2/7. 08:00~. Hatsu Ushi Omatsuri at Fushimi Shrine.

2/8. Ceremony for worn out sewing needles at Horinji in Kyoto.

2/8. Setsubun buriburi omatsuri at Kasuga Shrine near Kainan station.

2/8-14. 18:00-21:00. Nara Rurie; lightup, food market. Landmark like Todaiji and Kasuga Taisha will be litup. Near Kintetsu Nara station.

2/9-11. 23:00-05:00. Soft Opening party for Moodnight Club in Shinsaibashi. Ask for the ITM Promo for free entry of foreigners.

2/9-16. Godaiji Temple will have a promotional event at Kyobashi station where they exhibit there mochi strength challenge.

2/10-25. RockMan (MegaMan) Unite exhibit at Hirakata Park.

2/10-11. 11:00-17:00. Kumamon Fan Appreciation Fair.

2/11. 9:30-15:30. Hosho Matsuri fire ceremony. Huge bonfire with many Yamanushi. Bus from Kyoto station to Agon-shy (300¥ bus fare) in Yamashina.

2/11. 10:00-16:00. Shirayuki zou (white snow warehouse) Festival. Near Itami station. An event at a sake brewery.

2/11. Minato Festival. From Kushimoto station to Oshimako bus station.

2/11. 10:15-11:00. Kigen-sai at Kamigamo shrine. Karate and kemari demonstrations.

2/11. Onikoso, scaring away evil ogres. Costumed ogres and flaming torches. Chikurinzan Joshoji Temple. 30 minute walk from Tanigawa station.

2/11?. 11:00. Sunakake Matsuri, the sand fight festival. Horyuji station.

Rokko Ice Sculpture Festival?

2/11. 09:00-16:00. World Hobby Fair

2/10-12. 09:00-18:00. Automesse Car Show. INTEX near Nakafuto station.

2/10-3/25. 09:00-16:00. Doll exhibit at the Omi Hachiman Castle town market.

2/10-14. Lake Biwa Lantern Picture Scroll (びわ湖灯ろうりえまき) Rainbow illumination near Nagahama and Hikone stations.

2/13? Living Hina Doll event Gokashi Omishoin-Yashiki in Shiga. Notogawa station bus to Plaza Sanpoyoshi.

11/17-2/14. Osaka Station Twilight Fantasy. Lights and music in the area above the JR Osaka station train tracks.

2/14. 15:00-17:30. Dadaoshi ceremony at Hasedera Temple. Near Sakurai station.

2/15-3/15. Kainan shopping street has a huge exhiit of dolls. Near Kainan station.

2/16-17. Machine Show. Exhibition of industrial equipment. Entry is free. At INTEX near Nakafuto station.

2/16-18. Kobe's ChinaTown have a Spring/Setsubun Festival. There will be lion dances two or three times per day. The will be a parade of historical figures, and a stage featuring music and dancers. Near Motomachi station.

2/17. 16:30-19:00. Sake World Party. Sake sampling event hosted by brewers to introduce international people to sake.

2/17-25. Hoshizora Stand 2018. There will be food stalls at the Namba Carnival Mall where you can sample the cooking from different restaurants at a low price.

2/17-19. 07:00-20:00. Tamura Matsuri at Tamura Shrine. Bus from Kibukawa station to Tamura Shrine bus stop (33 minutes 250 yen bus fare).

2/18-3/22. Jonangu weeping plum tree and camellia festival.

2/24. 09:00-16:30. Godairiki-son Ninno-e, a strength contest. Try to lift a 150kg rice cake (90kg for women). 600 yen. Daigo-ji temple in Kyoto. Near Daigo station.

2/24-25. 09:00-17:00. Shigisan Festival. On the 25th at 11:00~12:30 there will be a parade with the temple's famous bobbing head tiger figures. Accessible by a bus from Oji station.

2/24-25. 10:00-15:00. Akashi Castle Park Mikaku food market.

2/24-3/4. Doll exhibit in Koriyama Castle town area. On 2/27 there will be a concert.

2/24. 10:30~. Stair Climbing Race at Kyoto station. Race the top of a 131 step staircaes; the record is 20 seconds.

2/25? Kitano Tenmangu plum blossom festival. Bus from Demachiyanagi station to....

2/25. Firewalking at Sugawara shrine. Yasu station to Ebe bus stop.

December-February. White Promenade at Shirahama beach.