Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lunar Eclipse in Osaka


The Japanese word for "lunar eclipse" is "gesshoku" which is written with the kanji 月 (moon) and 食 (eat) because an the eclipse is the imagined as the moon being eaten by the shadow of the earth. 

The lunar eclipse on 1/31/2018 was a rare combination of a super moon (when the moons orbit is unusually close to the earth), a blue moon (second full moon during the same calendar month) and a lunar eclipse (or blood moon); a combination that is sometimes called the "lunar trifecta" but was trending on social media as #SuperBlueBloodMoon. 

The lunar eclipse started 20:48, reached full eclipse at 22:29 and finished at 24:11.

The following photos are presented in chronological order.
The first photos were taken at Tennoji Temple as the Moon was at the lowest altitude of the event (about 45 degrees above horizon) making it ideal for photographing the moon with buildings in the foreground.
Using the Tanimachi subway line to move north to Osaka Castle I photographed the blood moon at about 60 degrees over Osaka Castle. Such a steep angle makes it difficult to photograph the moon in frame with buildings, so photos had to be taken near the foot of the castle.

The beginning of the eclipse over Shitennoji

Lunar eclipse

Shitennoji temple

Shitennoji temple

Midway into the lunar eclipse.

Blood red moon over Osaka Castle

Photographers who all had the same idea of shooting the eclipse beside Osaka Castle.

Lunar eclipse near Osaka Castle

The clouds started to obscure the eclipse.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

The cloud cover started clearing near the end of the eclipse

Too bad that clouds obscured much of the eclipse for Osaka