Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tamatsukuri Toka Ebisu

玉造八坂神社 の 十日戎祭

While things were bustling at Imamiya Ebisu shrine things were much more quite at the Toka Ebisu Festival being held at the Yasaka shrine near Tamatsukuri station.

The shrine is located near Tamatsukuri station and the festival is held from January 9-11.
Burning the old charms.

A photo trap that seems a bit touristy.
”Shrine visit in Yasaka Shrine"

The girl was making a funny face just as I took the photo.

Here the girls working at the shrine hand out bamboo branches and sell various charms.

The golden eboshi hats are the same as those at Imamiya Ebisu.

A komainu (the "un" side) between lanterns has an interesting half-lit face.

Looking tired as it becomes late (about 9pm here) with few visitors.

Shinme, holy horses, or in this case, statues of horse.