Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Automesse 2016 Highlights


After the 2018 Automesse car show in Osaka we are looking back into the Kansai Culture archives to highlight some of the interesting photos from the the 2016 show.

A van filled with lights and speakers

High-end car seats.

A recurring feature of Automesse.

This costume looks like a perforated BINGO card.

Her hair style looks like a 1940's pinup girl.

Live performers at the Hino booth doing a gymnastic show.

An impressive show at the Hino booth.

Interesting racing game rigs at the PlayStation booth.

An all-terrain vehicle with an exhaust snorkle for river crossings.

Interesting paint and decals.

Shredded tires in the shape of a lion at the Toyo booth.

I like the lens flare from the photographer across the way.
86 booth babe seems to be covering up a tattoo?

VIP magazine always has the sexiest models

Interesting motor scooters with high-backed seats.

Dekotora - Decorated Trucks.

Dekotora covered with lights and art.

Interesting bodywork


Hatsune Miku from Goodsmile Racing.


Gonta-ya models compete for the skimpiest costumes.