Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Automesse 2018- Booth Babes

オートメッセ 2018 - コンパニオン写真

Automesse is an annual custom car show held every year around the three-day National Foundation holiday (the same week as Valentine's Day). The event is held at the INTEX convention center near Nakafuto station and costs about 2700 yen to enter.

A major attraction to the car show is the presence of the car show girls; popularly called "booth babes" in America, but in Japan they are called "companions" as they accompany the host vendors.

The companions appear for photo sessions; often at scheduled intervals. Sometimes they change costumes and appear again. Some of the companions are hired by the host vendors but often they work with modelling agencies which will offer to sell private photo sessions after the free public photo sessions.

The free photo sessions attract large groups of cameramen who crowd and jostle for space; which is often comical but sometimes leads to tense confrontations between cameramen, but the photographers [almost] always seem to respect the girls boundaries and schedules.

The vendors also hire a number of cute receptionist girls who are more closely involved with the host business; often handing out promotion materials and cooperating for photographs but they do not wear the provocative costumes.

Some of the major vendors include Wahl (a wheel/ rim manufacturer) who have the last major model show of the expo with a musical catwalk style production.
The VIP Style magazine, which reports on car customization, consistently has a reputation for sexy models and they always draw a huge and frenzied crowd; as the high profile models DJ music and reappear many times each day in different costumes; each of which are sexy lingerie type ensembles. However, this year, staff public photographer shooting during the appearances.