Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Automesse 2018- Cars (Part 3)

オートメッセ 2018 - 3部

Automesse 2018 - Cars (Part 3 of 3)

Itasha with a sexy race girl.

Kumaro and Samurai

Kumaro (a fusion of bear/kuma with Momotaro)  and Samurai

Elaborate metalwork on this side-view mirror.

Yaboo. The mascot for the town of Yaboo, designed to look like a mountain with a waterfall scarf.

A van built for fishing gear.

The hall filled with food stalls gets really smokey.

Preparing for a remote controlled car race.

1 second exposure to show the streaking course of the remote controlled cars.

Custom car shot with a star cross filter.

You can see this car at the custom shop in Namba.

A gold and silver pair.

Interesting paint patterns.

Ventilated hood.

Photographer posing for photos with his unusually bulky lighting setup.

A mascot for a window cleaning chemical.

A lubricant mascot.

A cameraman operating four cameras at once.

A wall of white traffic cones with colored LEDs inside.