Monday, February 26, 2018

Naruto Run Events


"Naruto" is a popular manga and anime that was first published in 1997 from creator Masahi Kishimoto. The story is about ninjas with magical powers who perform superhuman feats.
A unique visual aspect of the Naruto anime series is the running style which is employed by the ninjas: leaning forward with their arms swept back.
It is hard to find examples of this pose being sustained while running in the still panels of the manga but it is conspicuously present in the anime.
Looking at the style people are struck by the novelty of it; "Does anyone actually run like this?"

Users of 2chan, a popular Japanese forum site speculate that the characters are using their chakra (the prevailing source of characters magical attributes in the series) to augment normal human physicality and propel themselves forward. Other critics, who are more practical suggest that the stillness of the characters upper-body is simply easier to animate; especially with scenes where characters are having conversations while rushing between locations.
Of course, there are running forms that are intuitively natural for human beings and the most accomplished and efficient Olympic-level competitive runners take full advantage of their arms while running. So the  "Naruto run" has drawn ridicule, fanciful imitations and tongue-in-cheek impersonations from people on the internet. Many comical version of real life anime-fans doing the "Naruto run" appeared on the mini-video site "Vine."
This reached a new level in 2017 as the 20th anniversary of the manga was being celebrated. The summer of 2017 a number of "Naruto Run" events. These events started as a joke but spread to various locations, gaining popularity with university students; groups of people, some of whom were dressed in Naruto-themed cosplay, run in a group with their arms flailing behind them.

The anime culture in America has attracted contempt leading to creation of the term weaboo, or weeb, which refers to a socially inept person who is disconnected from reality and prone to fantastical ideas, contempt for mainstream culture and a preference for (or identification with) Japanese culture.

The "Naruto run" events employ a bit of self-deprecating humor as participants acknowledge the ridiculousness of this running style especially when people try to translate it into real life.

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