Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ninja Exhibit at the Kita Ward Office


March 3rd there will be an event with a ninja-theme in Tenjinbashi-suji shopping arcade which will include a shuriken dojo, people in ninja costumes, ninja costume rentals and a parade from Temma station to Osaka Tenmangu shrine with a brass band that plays ninja-related music.

In preparation for the local event the local ward office, which is across the street from Temma station, has a nice display of antique ninja tools with information about the event, Iga City (historic home of ninja) and some photo-op displays.

The ninja mannequins are a popular sight around Iga-Ueno Castle and will probably be hanging from the shopping arcade during the parade.

Ninja tools and information about the ranking hierarchy of ninjas; genin, chunin and jonin.

Ninja hand signs.

Iron Fists (Tekken) and metal claws.

An unusual looking key.

A grappling hook.

Shuriken (throwing blades).

Information about the life of ninja training.

Ninja climbing tools.

A device used to jam sliding doors to help a ninja slow pursuers or trap targets.

Ninja measurements?

Caltrops to slow pursuers.

Many types of caltrops (ground spikes).

These kunai are much larger than what I have become accustomed to seeing in the Naruto anime.

More anecdotal ninja info.

A rope ladder and wall scaling tools.