Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Osaka Station Twilight Fantasy 2018


The Twilight Fantasy is an illumination event run by Osaka Station City, the association of shops that are within the JR Osaka station complex.
There is an open space with a cafe on courtyard above the train tracks. This area is used for various events by Osaka Station City.
The Twilight Fantasy ran for the Christmas season up to Valentine's Day ( 11/1~2/14) after sunset to late into the station's operating hours (17:00-23:00).
This event ties into the Umeda Snowman Festival (11/23-12/25) in which the Umeda area is decorate with inflatables and projects of snowmen.
In addition to the station, the are also many lights decorating trees on Midosuji street and around the Grand Front complex.

For these photos I was using a star-cross filter for the 6-pointed "twinke" effect.

Lights on the trees between the Grand Front's North and South buildings.

Note the wider patterns of the snow-cross from the more intense light sources.

The lighted staircase of Osaka station.

The "Champagne Veil" hanging from the Osaka station roof dome.

Plastic snowmen with internal LEDs that change colors.

The Champagne Veil

Another shot of the Champagne veil but with lower brightness.

The lights were connected to a musical presentation with romantic Valentine's Day songs.

☃Umeda snowman festival☃ ☃梅田スノーマンフェスティバル☃ Many Snowmen and illuminations are decorated allound this town. この街では多くのスノーマンやイルミネーションが飾られています。 時空の広場 / 大阪市北区大阪駅 Toki-no-hiroba plaza / Osaka station, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan Photo on 6.Dec.2017 #梅田スノーマンフェスティバル #大阪駅イルミ #時空の広場 #トワイライトファンタジー #スノーマン #雪だるま #夜空のリボンヴェール #光のストリート #大阪駅 #and大阪駅 #梅田 #大阪 #大阪光の饗宴 #大阪ステーションシティ#夜景ら部 #snowman #illumination #osakastation #lighting #lightup #lightmonument #tokinohiroba #umeda #osaka #japan #japan_night_view #team_japan_ #lovers_nippon #wu_japan #wp_japan
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It seems that Instagram user "amano.jun" took some good photos at the event as well.
Note the 4-pointed sparkle effect; he seems to have been using a sun-cross lens filter.