Sunday, February 11, 2018

World Hobby Fair 2018

次世代ワールドホビーフェア '18 winter

Osaka World Hobby Fair 2018

The World Hobby Fair is an organization that tours around Japan each year. They hold expositions in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka.

Although entry to the event is free for everyone, the events are geared at families with kids; giving away prizes to kids who are in junior high school or older (much to my disappointment). The exhibitors at the show are all geared toward children's entertainment. That includes video games, card games, toys, movies/animation, comics and merchandising. 

In Osaka, the World Hobby Fair is always held in Kyocera Dome (a major baseball and concert venue in Osaka city) in February, before Valentine's Day.

The event usually hosts some competitive touraments; last year there was a kendama tournament (a traditional Japanese toy similar to the cup-and-ball games of Latin America or France).
This year, the competitive games including Splatoon 2 (a Nintendo Switch game) and Beyblade (a fighting top game).

A number of video games were being demonstrated and visitors could play for free, often with staff assistance and giveaway merchandise (again, sadly, only for kids). Some of this merchandise was quite nice; including trading cards, baggage, mugs, etc.

Stage shows introduce lively MCs, mascots, video presentations, audience participation games, hands-on audience-participation demonstrations with live color commentators, musical performers.
There are also photo-op points, a cafe that recreates an anime-cafe, arcade games that you can play for free and crane games ("UFO catcher games" as they are known in Japan) that cost 200 yen but staff assistance means that everyone is basically guaranteed a stuffed doll prize.


Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu has an expression of shrewd confidence.

The art depictions of Detective Pikachu mix imagery of Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan.
The gameplay seems like a mix of Professor Layton puzzles, cut-scene button pressing prompts and dialog.
Pikachu usually has a cute voice which is only used to say "Pikachu" but in this game his voice actor has a gruff manly voice which sounds like a Japanese version of Danny DeVito.

The title is a clear homage to "Meitantei Conan" / "Detective Conan" (JP) /Case Closed (US).

The Pokemon booth is easy to spot.
Pokemon liscensed merchandise on display in the claw game area; Gengar (Gangar), and Magikarp (Koi-king) dishware.

More goods from Ichiban Kuji, a popular merchandising company.

Large plush toys (and a Snorlax clock?) from CraneKing machines. 

In Japan it is spelled "Eievui" instead of "Eevee" ?!

Magnemite ("Coil") merchandise?
"I Love Magnemite" ? Somelike actually likes Magnemite?!

Team Rocket?!

Oh no! These children have fallen into one of the traps of the nefarious Team Rocket?!
Oh, wait, they seem like nice Nintendo staffers; maybe they really are just trying to "protect the world from devastation."
Mimikkyu (pictured) and Pikachu appear with fans in this photo-op point.


A pretty lady from Nintendo provides play by play commentary as audience member try the new Kirby game;
"Kirby's Star; Star Rise"

A Kirby photo-op with Kirby hats.

King-DDD is hulking out here.

The BomberMan trial area is looking really homey here.

The BomberMan booth looks like some sort of model home here.


The PlayStation version of Taiko no Tatsujin for the home market.
You can see the small home version of the drum game.

A photo-op for Taiko no Tatsujin ("Drum Masters").
This series is most famous for the line of arcade games.
Monster Hunter for PS4. A more mature audience here.

Toy Booths

Costume actors for "Break Go! Ga" a toy line with an over the top anime which is similar to the "RobotWars" TV show.

Different types of Break Go Ga toys.

A match for Break Go Ga toys. 

These wind-up toys have a lot of accessories and variables.
Kits for robot toys.

Tsuri Spirits

These kids play and arcade fishing game; Tsuri Spirits

Detective Conan

Doraemon shuffleboard game?

GungHo / Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons/ Pazudora games at the GungHo booth.
They gave out really good merchandise (to kids).

Closing time at the GungHo booth.
Pazudora stage event at the GungHo booth.
The audience seems surprisingly riveted. 

Ciao - girls comics

There are red "sold-out" markers by so many products and this was only half-way through the event!

Ciao had a surprisingly popular booth.

The Ciao mascot;"UsaPanda"
A combination of a rabbit and panda for maximum cuteness.

Closed-off passages made the event harder to navigate.

Crane Games

Yokkai Watch

200 yen to play.

If you don't get the prize on the first try, a cute girl will rig the game so you will win on the second try.
If only all crane games were like this...
If only life were like this.

Beyblade tournament


Some serious BeyBlading happening here.

These kids look pretty serious with the aluminum BeyBlade briefcases here.

A line of elaborate cartoon character stationary.

Yokkai Watch medallion toys.

A poopthemed character hosts a game where kids throw balls in giant toilet.
Stereotypical Japan wackiness here.

A roulette game.

The creepiest mascot...

QR code cards that go with a Pokemon arcade game.

Pokemon arcade game.

Tables for a YokkaiWatch  handheld game.

Duel Masters stage show.
I was curious about the guy in the middle with the kendo gear; his zekken read 犬山