Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Banpakku Train Fair

Banpaku Train Fair

During the last weekend of March, Banpaku held a number events during the fine weather and the beginning of the cherry blossom season, though it was a bit too early for most of the park's cherry trees.
There was a special train fair involving sales from train merchandise vendors, promotions from train companies and family friendly attractions.
The park was also featuring a burger expo, a special re-opening of the the Tower of the Sun's interior and ongoing exhibitions of World Expo 1970 materials in the Expo Pavilion.
Below are photos of the event relating to the Train Fair:

A train wagon that takes visitors around Bankpaku Park for a fee.

Bins full of train souvenirs; handle straps, mirrors and signs.

An expensive souvenir; a ticket machine being sold for 75,000 yen.

A miniature train line that carries kids around a loop.

Osaka recreated with a PlayRail set; here is Osaka station.

Kyocera Dome.

Osaka station with the Osaka Gas Company sign and the HEP5 Ferris Wheel.

Osaka Castle Park: with a paper castle and plastic trees,

The cherry trees are blooming at Sakuranomiya station.

Kyocera Dome, Tsutenkaku tower and the Harukasu office building.

Note the trainyard that is near Osaka Castle Park (Osakajo-koen) station.

Miiko Kouzaki. A girl from the promotional series  "Tetsudou Musume" ("Railway Girls"), representing the Wakayama Electric Railway. The cat represents Tama, the honorary station-master of Kishi station.

Madoka Toyokawa, the Tetsudou Musume character for the Osaka Monorail.
You can see the representative of Izumi Central Station, Koumi Izumi, in the background with the long hair that looks like Hatsune Miku.