Sunday, March 11, 2018

Culture Festival 2014

大阪駅 の 文化フェスティバル 2014

A group of traditional theatrical performers gave demonstrations of various types of performances on a stage at the "Sora Toki Hiroba" (Sky Clock Plaza) which is above the tracks at Osaka station.
The performances took place around June 1st of 2014.
The performances were a mix o traditional styles from around Japan.

Wine bearers bowing bower some warriors

Admiring the foliage.

The wine bearers transform.

The demons defeat the drunken warriors.

Interesting masks for the demons.

An onmyoji?

Onmyoji were spiritualists who famously became involved in imperial court life, most notably Abeno Seimei.

Taking up arms and doing a dance.

This dance seems like a Rocky training montage which leads to...

...the rematch!

Dance fight.

A good shot of the mask.

Reversible jackets make for a quick costume change.

Shishimai, a lion dance

These ritualized shishimai dances involve a sword.
You can see two types of drums in the background.

An interesting mask.