Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Expo '7o Park


Tower of the Sun.

Late plum blossoms (?) with a macro lens.

Tower of the Sun in the background.

Tower of the Sun in the background.
Zooming in from a distance so the Tower of the Sun fills the frame.

Camellia garden.

Camellia in a stream.

A very small spider in a flower. Using a +3 macro lens.

Bamboo garden decoration.

An orb of flowers.

White magnolias.

A pink cherry tree.

Late plum tree? Early cherry tree? 

Large cherry tree in a very early stage of blooming.

Same shot as above but the polarization lens is adjusted to darken the blue of the sky and let the white of the clouds and blossoms pop more.

One of the train ride that goes around the park.

People getting excited for the cherry blossoms. 
The emblem of World Expo 1970 recreated with flowers.

Interesting coloration on these flowers.