Friday, March 16, 2018

Hanami Spots for Kansai


Recommended Places for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Sakura Torinuke - The Cherry Blossom Tunnel at the Osaka Mint has been a tradition since the Meiji era. The ground of the mint have various types of cherry trees. This attracts some of the densest crowds in Osaka. The riverside park next to the mint also has many cherry trees and food vendors during hanami season

Meio-ji Temple
A large temple in Ibaraki with impressive modern architecture.

Otori Shrine
This shrine has a special floral festival.

Settsukyo Gorge / Settsukyo Park

Kouzu Shrine
Near Tanimach 9-chome. This place is near a number of restaurants and there are some high quality food stalls set up here sometimes. It is also in the love hotel area of Osaka in case your party runs late.

Tosa Inari Shrine. 
Near Nishi-Nagahori station.
The shrine is especially beautiful when it is lit at night. You can expect large groups of salary-men to be staking out a formally reserved area for a corporate functions for Toshiba.

Sayama Pond
This area is an artificial pond made from a pre-modern dam. There is also a museum dedicated to the dam.

Nagahama Castle
This Castle sits on the shore of Lake Biwa.

Heian Jingu
A popular spot in Kyoto.

Osaka Castle