Monday, March 19, 2018

Nipponbashi 2018 - Parodies, Originals & Other

Nipponbashi Street Festa 2018 - Others

This category covers historical figures, military cosplay, yurukyara (local mascots), gender bend versions of characters, combination characters, vocaloids, virtual YouTubers and politicians.


Some vintage office equipment.

SWAT team police with shotguns, riot gear...
The guide for the Street Festa this year specifically asked people to not bring REAL weapons.


Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe.

"Let's rise up!" the Abe version of "Make America Great Again"

A WWII soldier? He was seriously in character.

Jigen from Lupin III with Splatoon guns. 
Sengoku period ladies.

Sanada Yukimura?

Deadpool in a banana costume with a minion?

Hatsune Miku; the most famous vocaloid

A character from Tiger and Bunny shooting a popper gun at the Sanada booth

The mascot for Kansai airport with a particularly adoring fan.


Kurotan, the mascot from Kurotaki village in Nara prefecture.

A heavily armed dog outside a military themed airsoft shop.

Kizuna Ai, the most popular virtual YouTuber in Japan.

Haniwa station master.