Tuesday, March 6, 2018

One Week Kansai Tour


When my mother came to visit Japan, a few years ago, I took her to a number of places during the one week stay.
As her stay covered the period just before and after New Year's Day so there were limited options, many businesses being closed, the weather being cold and people being busy with family obligations.
Most of the sites that were seen are places that are always open, so the special events that were available for observation were limited to Hatsumode related ceremonies.
The restaurants that were visited are also marked on the map below.
Kobe and Nara each had a dedicated day. Two days were spent in Kyoto and the rest were in Osaka.


  1. Kaiyukan Aquarium
  2. Sumiyoshi Shrine
  3. Shitennoji Temple
  4. Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine
  5. Dotombori
  6. Korea Town
  7. Shin-Sekai / Tsutenkaku
  8. Osaka Castle


  1. Todaiji
  2. Kasuga Taisha


  1. Kitano-cho (the old embassy district)
  2. Nankin-machi (ChinaTown)
  3. Kobe Port Tower


  1. The Gion area / Yasaka Shrine
  2. Shimogamo Shrine
  3. Kamigamo Shrine
  4. Fushimi Inari