Thursday, March 8, 2018

Shin-Sekai; Renovations and camera filters

新世界 と 通天閣

Tsutenkaku, the iconic landmark tower of Osaka, has recently received an upgrade to it's lighting system and is now more colorful than ever.
I took some new photos of the area while trying out a few different lens filters.
The filters used include a Marumi PL (polarization) and a Kenko R-Snow Cross filter (6 point sparkle effect).

The orange sodium street lights a quite bright and cast a lot of glare when caught in photo with the snow cross filter.
Also note the blurring of the lettering on the tower; you can turn the filter to align the direction which the light is reflected to a degree. The snow cross filter has 6 points so every 60 degrees of filter rotation is identical; a four-point (star cross) filter would give you a wide variation for tilting the light blur of such lettering.

Getting past the street light and taking photos with a short exposure rate for a crisper view of the lights.
Only a few of the lights project a noticeable sparkle with the snow cross filter.

The cold, damp atmosphere casts a bit of an aura around the beacon on top which is expanded with the snow cross filter.
Playing with the polarization filter here to block out some of the shopping street lighting and do some effects with the color palette of the tower.

Experimenting with different brightness settings with the camera.

Empty streets at night time.
The lights are out on the right side of this street which made it the better choice for getting unpolluted shots of the tower.

Underneath Tsutenkaku Tower.
Note the glare of the fluorescent lights on the art. A polarization filter could help reduce this problem; I should remember to try it next time.

The large number of lights in this picture was a bit much for the cross filter giving the strings of lights a thorny look ; this problem could be toned down by reducing the brightness or exposure time or increasing f-stop. 

There are some direct street lights here, but the focus of the scene are the filtered and reflected lights from within the signs and lanterns or pointed toward the sumo art.

Zooming into the sign. The colors could be adjusted here to make the artwork pop more and warm up the ambient light.

The lights of Shin Sekai.
With less zoom and reduced brightness to lesson the effect of the snow cross filter.

Taking off the filters here. I use a lens protector by default, especially when rapidly adding and removing filters; this helps preserve the threading on the camera lens.