Thursday, April 26, 2018

Barrier-Free Expo


The Barrier Free exposition was an event held at INTEX (the international expo center) which gathers manufacturers and vendors of products which are designed to help people with physical impairments. These products include equipment to help people in wheel chairs access facilities, vehicles and buildings that would people extremely difficult for people in wheelchairs to enter.

With the aging population, overburdened caregiver workforce, labor shortages the nursing home industry in Japan is facing serious challenges and there have been public expressions by society and politicians which prefer technological developments to address the challenge rather than changing immigration policies to bolster the number of foreign workers.

Many of the products here are aimed at nursing homes, hospitals and large school consumers of accessibility products. There are also vendors who offer small solutions for households that need workarounds for various physical challenges.

The event took place from 4/19-4/21 of 2018. This photo journal is from the last day.
The INTEX convention center covers a large area so you a often see some space reserved for massage machines but this event had far more massagers than I have ever seen; there were several areas like this where you could try foot massagers and massage chairs.

A bathtub with a built-in hydraulic scissor life and convertible table/chair for caregivers to help patients. There are also multiple shower nozzles with long hoses and various electronic controls.

There were a variety  of portable bag toilets. Most of which had similar plastic and vinyl designs.
You also see simplified bucket/seat versions of this for emergency disaster shelter supplies in Japan.

A bathtub with an opening side door for a non-lift transfer. 
A special wheelchair that loads into a 240V hydraulic lift system which pivots the person over the tub before lowering.

A wheelchair that allows helpers to move the chair up of down stairs.
In addition to the long handles there is battery powered array of wheels which shift the weight of the chair from one step to the next.... very .... slowly.

Powered wheelchairs with many actuated controls for moving different body joints.

A racing wheelchair. Made with carbon fiber, aluminum and steel parts for minimum weight.

A Honda Walk Assist system.
Designed to help people who are undertaking physical therapy. Rather than a weight-bearing exoskeleton this device aims to support balance and support a smooth stride in 20-minute physical therapy sessions but the battery is designed to last for several kilometers of walking.

A battery powered system to support the legs and lower back of people who are in need of physical therapy.
There is also a hand control which includes an alarm system to summon assisstance.

Another bathtub system. This one seems smaller, lower and simpler with a more comfortable cushion in the tub.

A portable, battery operated system that is designed to lower people in a swimming pool.

Hard working employees at this exhibition both demonstration how this bath system can be operated by  the patient.

This zero-turn-radius chair with remote operation and automation features at the Whill booth.

Whill wheelchairs.
Note the unusual braided designs of the front wheels.

A foot-free control system for a car.
This system was attached to a racing simulator.
The disc under the wheel is used to control acceleration by rotating is right or left with your finger tips and returns to a centered position via a set of springs.
The lever controls braking and the parking/emergency brake can be set by depressing and locking the lever.

Another system using a more familiar looking lever for acceleration, similar to boats and aircraft rather than motorcycle handlebar throttle/brake controls.

Van designed to carry a single passenger in a wheelchair.

A vendor selling various systems to modify difficult chairs for accessibility.

A bed with various motor to maneuver patients, avoid bedsores and change positions.
The mattress is covered with silver ion material to reduce bacterial smell.
Also note the red emergency lever on the control box which quickly puts the bed into a CPR position.

Specialized portable wheelchair ramps.

A special high-contrast camera/screen system which helps people read print.

A system involving and heavy sheet which slides under the patient with straps that connect to the rolling crane.

Easy to handle chopsticks that are connected with a spring assisted assembly.

A low chair for people for people who have trouble sitting on the floor.
I know a lot of foreigners who would also like this.

Guide dogs. There were also stage demonstrations of guide dogs.

The station near the expo center had several staffers on call to assist the many people in wheelchairs as they use the trains to access the barrier-free expo.
The staff use the telephones at the stations (often locked near the platform) to call other stations so they can prepare to help the passenger off the train.
You can see some of the portable ramps leaning near the doors.