Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hirano Shrine Cherry Blossoms


Hirano Shrine in Kyoto is a popular cherry blossom viewing place.

During hanami season they have a a special dining area set up in an outdoor area with many yattai style restaurants.

The shrine has a large garden with decorated lanterns, the gateway to the shrine is illuminated with temporary lantern posts.

On April 10th there is also a Cherry Blossom festival parade.

These photos are from April 10th 2018.


Hanami and kimono.

Children's art decorates the lanterns. 
As the festival, and these photos, were from a Tuesday, most of the people you see dressed in kimono were Chinese tourists.

This festival took place relatively late in the cherry blossom season.

Yattai, festival food vendors, on the shrine grounds.
Here is a fried squid vendor.

Many places to sit and enjoy festival food with traditional Japanese flair.

A stone lantern, ishi torou with a weeping cherry tree in the background.

People taking photos of the cherry blossoms.

Ema, votive plates, hang around the shrine with a cherry blossom theme.

Lanterns with a cherry blossom insignia.
This is s metal version of traditional wooden lamp posts.

Shrine banners and lanterns are raised for the Cherry Blossom festival.

A paper lanter (chochin).

Visitors to the weeping cherry tree dressed in traditional clothing.

Visitors posing for photos.

Kimonos, schoolgirls and cherry blossoms in a very Japanese scene.

Ema plates illustrating the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.