Sunday, April 1, 2018

Iaido at Himuro Shrine


 Himuro Shrine, the ancient ice house of the emperors, features a number of fine cherry trees, so the shrine has special events as the cherry trees bloom.
The shrine features a special demonstration of Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) on the kaguradan (stage in front of the main shrine sanctuary). The Iaido group, Migiri no Kai, practices nearby at the Tomigaoka Community Center.
This Iaido demonstration was held on April 1st of 2017, from 1pm.
Himuro Shrine's monthly ice candle events are held on the evening of the 1st. The Iaido, cherry blossoms and ice lanterns make this the best day of the year to visit Himuro Shrine.

Chudan kamae, with elbows extended forward.
This shot gives a nice angle for the light off the blade.
Note the simple shirasaya blade mountings

The seems to be a shot of returning the blade to the saya.

A seated position.

Note the wakazashi in his waistband.
Green saya (scabbards) and sageo (scabbard rope).

Tameshigiri, test cutting straw mats.
Note how blurry the blade looks, this is a normal exposure length, shorter exposure times will make quick moving objects appear clearer if there is enough light.

Similar to a hasso-no-kamae

An unusual grip as the blade is returned to the saya.

Nice pose as the motion of the blade slows for a clear picture.

Unusual motion with a false initial motion, drawing an empty right fist forward and using the left hand to draw the blade.

A close look at the tsuba (hand guard).
Here you can see how the tsuka (handle) can get caught in a sleeve.

Making a series of cuts for tameshigiri.

A nearly horizontal cut.

Straw mats arranged in a T-shape.

You can see the space between the two pieces here before the top starts to fall.

The moment of a cut shot in 1/240th of a second.

A large sheet of paper being sliced cleanly in two.

Cutting three bundles of wet straw.
The first bundle of straw was still hanging on by one piece of straw.

The kaguradan.
Note the purple skirt around the stage with the imperial kikumon seal.

The imperial kikumon seal on the roof riles.

Ice and cherry blossoms.

Ice fortune papers.
The fortune paper reveals the fotune when it gets wet.

A blizzard of cherry blossoms.

Stone lanterns in front of the shrine.