Thursday, April 12, 2018

Kimono Roboto Exhibit


Kimono Roboto is an exhibit that will be on display at Nijo Castle in Kyoto from April 10-20. The project features a display of 23 kimono, these Japanese textiles which were created by several artisans who are classified as "Living National Treasures" demonstrating traditional methods of weaving, dying and embroidery.

The main attraction of the exhibit is a robotic mannequin which cycles through sequences of poses with a moving head, neck and arms. The robot is backed by a large back-lit screen which shows a fantasy musical with works by Bjork, images of traditional crafts, photos of robot wearing different kimono. There are also two robotic arms on the stage which maneuver LED light strips around the mannequin.

There are touchscreen tablets next to the stage which allow visitors to launch sequences of moving by the mannequin and the robotic light arms.

The robot has numerous actuators and LEDs in the head.

The arms and hands had a very limited range of motion.

Different outfits being exhibited in the background video.

The robot has a Daft Punk sense of style.

You can see the old rafters inside of the building.

A shot of the kimono exhibit area using a super wide angle lens (0.45x) on an iPhone.
The lens tends to cause blurry edges and is difficult to keep positioned over the phone's camera lens.