Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Momodani Park Cherry Blossoms 2018


Momodani Park is a medium sized park that is located near Momodani station.

The park has a number of cherry and several plum trees.

Half of the park is filled with a large baseball field that is equipped with large night lights, a dugout and a high fence. There is a Family Mart near one corner of the park.

Half of the park is a nice family area with playground equipment. There is a miniature Jizo shrine which is surrounded with plum trees and lanterns (it is a nice place to see in February).

The Osaka Prefectural School for the Deaf is located next to the park, so you will often see groups of school kids using sign language between here and Tsuruhashi station.

These photos were taken on March 31st 2018.

Momodani Park. You can see the fence and lights of the baseball field in the background.

Cherry blossoms shot with a macro +4 lens.

Pink blossoms. Again using a macro lens that helps to blur out the background.

A colorful lantern, swaying in the breeze.

Pink lanters. There are wired bulbs inside that light the area at night.

A lantern shot with a macro lens to blur the background.

Which pink and purple blossoms at the same time.

A hidden oasis surrounded by mid-sized apartment buildings.

The park is located next to a shotengai (shopping arcade) where you can find many shops, a few convenience stores, various restaurants (including late night izukaya and a 24 hour restaurant) and a 100 yen shop. Nice things to have nearby for a hanami picnic.