Monday, April 23, 2018

Nijo Castle Light-up


The following photo-journal is from the April 10th, 2018 along with the Geiko and Kimono Roboto posts.

Cherry trees along the canal in Kyoto.

A nice walking path along the canal across the street from Nijo Castle.

Lovers under a cherry tree.

The Karamon gate.

Temporary ground lights illuminate the cherry tree grove.

The cherry tree grove.

Pond in front of the Waraku-an teahouse pond.

The northern garden

Kita Ote-mon (the northern great gate).

A cherry tree near the north-east corner.

Variable color lighting along the path illuminates the trees of the northern garden.

A nice cherry tree in the northeast corner.

Karamon gate illumination. Note the blossom patterns.

Pink cherry blossoms being projected upon Karamon gate.

Another angle for the pink cherry blossom blizzard part of the projection video.

The cherry tree grove in the southern garden at night.

The were many photo-op boothes set up around the garden so people can have some well-lit selfies with their faces in front of the trees.

The northern garden patth.

You can see the lines of lights on the ground.