Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Osaka Mint Cherry Blossom Tunnel; Day


The Osaka Mint has a walking course that is open for visitors to enjoy the cherry blossoms in mid-April each year. The course has 349 trees representing 134 different varieties. The Yoshino variety is what you usually see in Japan (five petals with white or pink color that blooms from mid-March to early April). The most common type of tree at the mint in the Kanzan variety, and most of these varieties are late-bloomers.

Large numbers of visitors come to the mint which is open from morning into the night.

This allows you the chance to photograph the blossoms under different conditions.

It is also a good chance to people-watch as you can see vendors and performers trying to make money around the event, retired people walking the grounds during weekdays, young people going on dates and many Chinese tourists.

Peruvian musicians. You often see these guys around Osaka station.
They often play the Peruvian pan-pipes.

You can see the supports of a nearby pedestrian bridge.

The Kawasaki Bridge is a pedestrian bridge near Osaka Castle and the Osaka Mint.

I like this kid's pose; she looks like a rock vocalist performing on stage.

Shooting with the camera held near the roof of the tunnel nicely frames the scene.


Crowds of people at the event.

Crowds of people with the Kawasaki Bridge in the background.

There are many signs and security staffers asking people not to touch the trees but there are plenty of fallen blossoms on the ground.

A lot of happy people.

Branches heavy with blossoms.

A blizzard of cherry blossoms as a gust of wind comes along.

A higher brightness setting for the camera.

While the most popular type of cherry trees, the Yoshino, has five petals there are other varieties that have a many petals as 350 - such as this "Kenrokuen kiku-zakura" (Kentoku Park Chrysanthemum cherry trees).

The mint sells collectible sets of coins each yeat which have a six-piece set of standard Japanese coinage along with the zodiac animal (juni-shi) which is the dog for 2018.

Flowers along the river.

Kawasaki Bridge and a restaurant boat passing along the river.