Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yodogawa Kasen Park Hanami 2018


The Kasen Park is located across the river from Yawatashi station. You can see the park and the conspicuous seven story cherry blossom viewing tower as you travel from Osaka to Kyoto on the Keihan line. The park has a long line of cherry trees along the river and it is great place for a hanami picnic when the Yoshino cherry trees are blooming in late March to early April.
The park as you may see it from a train on the Keihan line.

A line of cherry trees stretching off into the distance.

There are two parallel walkways; one by the riverside where you can look up at the trees and the other is up on the embankment under the shade of the cherry trees.

Blossoms scattered over the slopes.

Note the line of trying to access/escape the park's parking area.

A view of Mt. Otokoyama from the tower.

Cherry blossoms with a macro lens.

Blossoms sprinkled on the slope.

A tunnel of cherry trees.
Sunlight through the canopy of cherry blossoms.

Quite a crowd for the hanami season.

The bridge leading to the train station.

A seven story tower from which you can look out over the trees.

Note the portable toilets and garbage stations that are placed along the path during hanami season.

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