Friday, May 4, 2018

Dragon Quest Conbini


Near Nipponbashi station, in an area known for otaku culture (electronics, games, maid cafes, etc.) there is a Lawson's convenience store that has a special Dragon Quest theme.

The store has large art panels covering the walls, racks of merchandise and the door plays the "run away" and "an enemy appears" sound effects from the game.

A charm plate / coin crusher machine that gives you three pattern choices.

A squid monster guards the freezer.

The cyclops guards the magazines ; no adult magazines at this shop.

Slime themed goods.

Various monsters decorate the walls.

The support columns have large vinyl prints as well.

A boar warrior guarding the shopping baskets.
Staff room door.

Slime goods; placemats, magnets, water bottle covers, hats, stickers...

Goods, banners and floor markets.

Dragon Quest characters.

A lot of decorate surfaces

This coasters can be used to recreate Dragon Quest dungeons.

I want these icecube trays... but 1700 yen is a bit much.

Major Dragon Quest icons at the checkout.