Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ethnology Museum Music Fair


The National Ethnology Museum ( or "Minpaku") is a part of the Expo '70 Park (or Bampakku). The museum features a number of cultural artifacts from around the globe. There are sometimes special exhibits which rotate through the museum but the permanent exhibits are well worth seeing.

Every year, the Ethnology Museum has a special event in which groups present different ethnic performances.

The following is a photo journal from 06/23/2014.

Hula dancers. The bamboo poles were used to beat out a rhythm on the floor.

A Bolovian dance group with interesting costumes.

Bolivian dance group member in an unusual costume, presenting information about the group.
This masked Bolivian dance performer would fit in well at Mardi Gras.

The colorful costumes with the Bowler-style hats that are popular in South America.

Hula dancers.

Playing the Pan-pipes.

A group of musicians representing Japan with shamisen, taiko drums and a flute (possibly a ryuteki?).

Awa-odori dancers performing a kasa-odori (umbrella dance).

Awa-odori dancers.

Awa-odori dancers.

Hula dancers.

Hula dancers.

A traditional African dance by a mixed group including Ugandans.

African dance.

A performer representing south-east Asian music (Hong Kong?)