Saturday, May 19, 2018

Grand Art Fes


From 4/26/2018-5/13/2018 there was a public art exhibition at the Grand Front complex next to Osaka station.

The following photo journal covers night and day exposures from May 8th.

"Sun Child" (2011) by Kenji Yanobe.
Note the Geiger counter on his chest that reads zero.
This suit is based on the Chernobyl raditation suits.
This character and two other pieces from the exhibit, represent characters from a science fiction story in which an apocalyptic ark carries survivors of a radioactive work.

"Ultra Black Sun" (2009) by Kenji Yanobe.

Sun Child

Ultra Black Sun, Sun Child and the Wind God Tower. At night.
Ultra Black Sun, Sun Child and the Wind God Tower. During the day.

"Ship's Cat (Black)" () by Kenji Yanobe.

Sun Child and the Wind God Tower.

An ox figure inflatable by Tsubaki Noboru.

A parrot figure inflatable by Tsubaki Noboru.

You can see a small building that displays Keith Herring art as it would have looked on walls and subways as it was originally presented when that artist was gaining notoriety.

青い森の映画館."The Blue Forest Cinema." (2006)
A small theater showing an animated film which shows the story of "Sun Child."

There are a number of stainless steel characters by Kenji Yanobe

"Giant Torayan" (2005) by Kenji Yanobe.

"Atom Car" (1998) by Kenji Yanobe.
This display was once set up as a coin operated ride.
Note that this also has a Geiger counter theme.

Giant Torayan.

Giant Torayan.

Ship's Cat (Black). 
Ship's Cat (Black).

"Ted Hyber" (2018) by Fabrice Hyber. 

"Wind God Tower" / 風神の塔 (2015) by Kenji Yanobe.
There are several pivoting wind turbines.
There are lights installed behind the red glass eyes.
Occasionally, a burst of water spews out of this figures mouth.

Sun Child.

Ultra Black Sun.

Sun Child.


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