Saturday, May 12, 2018

Himeji Castle Festival Light Up


Every year during the Himeji Castle Festival (the weekend after Golden Week, in mid-May) there is a special lighting event at a small park in front of Himeji Castle. This is the park for the old chief-retainers mansion ruins (Karo yashiki ato kouen / 家老屋敷跡公園 ).

This year the theme is based on Japanese umbrellas. There is a wall covered in Japanese umbrellas that have been painted by students. Those umbrellas are lit by a projector with different images being projected onto them. The display is backlit with searchlights, supported with music from speakers and there were rows of bamboo that were drilled to be filled with LEDs and miniature umbrellas.

The event will be held on 5/12-13.
This photo journal is from 5/12.

Himeji Castle as the sun sets.

Artistic candle that are quickly set up as the sun sets.

Candles arranged to match the umbrella theme.

Here you can see the rows of bamboo that serve as a king of trough for LEDs.

Himeji Castle. The wall of umbrellas are lit by a projector while the umbrellas on the ground have separate flood-lights.

Using a star-cross filter here but the floodlights are too intense.

Japanese fabric patterns being projected.

More fabric projections.

Geometric patterns.

A closer look at the closer. Note how the snow-cross filter has a slight blurring and scattering of the light being reflected by the bright white paint of the castle.

Mascot characters being projected onto the umbrellas.

The smaller lights inside the bamboo are caught in the snow-cross filter. 
Between projection exhibitions the visitors enter the display area to have a closer look.

This is a two-second exposure of a kid playing with a blue glow-stick in the park.