Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kaga Helicopter Carrier at Temposan

加賀- DDH184

The Kaga is a Helicopter Carrier / Destroyer of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force with the ship identification number of DDH184.

This ship has drawn attention from Chinese media as there is concern that this ship represents Japanese imperialism in the Pacific in connection with the increasingly hawkish moves by the Abe administration.

The ship also shares the name of an aircraft carrier from WWII which was sunk in the Battle of Midway. The Kaga of WWII was of a similar size to the new Kaga.

The ship is 248 meters long (814 feet) and has a displacement of 19,800 tons (up to 27,000 tons loaded). Has two screws (propellers) that are powered by gas turbine engines. The ship carries 9 helicopters; 7 ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) helicopters and 2 SAW (Search And Rescue) helicopters with the capacity to possibly carry 28 aircraft. The construction of the ship reportedly cost the government 115 billion yen (over one billion US dollars).

The following photo journal is from the visitation event when the ship docked at Temposan in Osaka on 5/20/2018.

Huge crowds; there were reports from Twitter users of people waiting four hours for the tour.

Visitors enter a temporary pen before being lifted onto the flight deck by a huge elevator.

Long lines.

A mass of visitors.

A Phalanx CIWS. A machine gun system by American defense contractor, General Dynamics, that is designed to intercept anti-ship missles. It fires 20mm shells at rates as high as 4500 per minute.

The hanger inside the carrier.

The ship with the Tempozan Bridge in the background.

Officers exiting the ship through a side hatch.

Streamers outside the Kaiyukan aquarium.

A small boat passing by in the harbor.
You can see a CRAM missile system mounted on the back of the ship here, which fires missiles to defend against cruise missiles with a range of about 9 km (5.6 miles).

Phalanx system.

The "kyokujitsu ki" / Rising Sun flag is still used by the JMSDF (Japanese Navy).


Phalanx system.

Two cherry blossom flag?

Maritime banners on the Kaga in front of Tenposan Ohashi.

The Rising Sun flag next to a Phalanx defense system.

Visitors waiting to ride the elevator to the flight deck.

A large banner at the entrance to the ship.


Helicopters in front of the Temposan Bridge.

Helicopters in front of the Temposan Bridge.

A mascot.

The Kaga in front of the Tempozan Ohashi bridge. You can also see the Santa Maria tourist ship in the background.

Helicopter mounted anti-submarine armaments. 

Friendly crew waving to the crowds.

The Rising Sun flag and an enthusiastic military fan.

Helicopters in front of the Temposan Bridge.

A Phalanx system.

Huge crowds.