Monday, May 21, 2018

Kobe Matsuri Parade; 2018


Every year the city of Kobe has a large festival which is highlighted by a parade.
This year, the parade was on Sunday May 20th.

The Kobe parade is notable for the the variety of participants; government offices, preschools, sports teams, businesses, music groups, marching bands, baton twirlers, dance groups, cosplayers, mascots, military, community groups and ethnic minority groups.

The samba dance group has grown and has become a highlight of the parade with a number of professional groups coming into Japan from abroad and samba groups coming from around Japan.

The following photo journal is the first of a multi-part series of coverage:

Naval (JMSDF) mascot and a rescue diver.

Baton twirling girls.

[American] Football mascot

Special Olympic group

Football cheerleader

The Xerox J-Stars football team.

The scouts

Baton twirlers.

Chibi baton twirler.

Samba dancers.
There is also a photographer on a step ladder.

Samba dancer

Samba dancer

Male samba dancer.

Samba dancer.

Samba dancer

Samba dancer holding the sign for the Sol Nascente samba team.

Samba dancer as a Grim Reaper?

Casino theme for this samba dancer.

A recurring samba dancer. His photos from last year were on this year's promotional posters.

A surprised expression?

Many lively poses from one person.

A casino theme?

Samba dancers.

Samba dancer

Samba dancers.

A UNICEF mascot.

A scouts outfit.
The headdress would probably be deemed culturally offensive in America.

The balloons (usually the darker colored ones) were popping constantly under the hot sunlight.

Yosakoi dancers.

Vintage car with a snow-cross filter.

Cars on parade

Cars on parade.
The snow-cross filter looks good here.

Cars on parade

Baton twirler.

A pre-school bus.

A marching band in an exaggerated gesture.

They are called the Camphor Sound Maker's Marching Band from KFSS (Konkokyo Fukuzaki Shounen Shoujou Kai)

Hirano street celebrating a 900th birthday.

Yosakoi dancers.


Kiyomon, the mascot for the Hirano shopping street.