Friday, May 4, 2018

Niku Fes


The Niku (Meat) Fes[tival] was an event that gathered a number of restaurants.

The event was similar to a yattai (food stall) event but the food fare involved some higher quality steak restaurants from around Japan. Most of the offerings were beef steak but there were also chicken dishes.

Rather than giving money to vendors in the traditional style the prices were regulated into two categories; 1 or 2 ticket items. Each ticket represented 700 system and was meant as a way of speeding up transactions and cycling customers through the long lines. The effect of the ticket system was that precision pricing was lost and dishes were instead marked up to the next increment of 700 yen. So the cheapest dish was 700 yen and anything more than 700 yen skipped all the way ahead to 1400 yen. This system made the small steaks very expensive and drew complaints from some Twitter users.

Visitors had to wait in line to purchase tickets or pay at the food stall using electronic money cards (such as ICOCA train cards). There was also an option to purchase very pricey (3000 yen) bracelets which would allow customers to use "fast lanes" (similar to the fast passes seen at amusement parks). People waiting in long lines were not happy to see newcomers being ushered to the front of a long line.

There was also a problem with unbalanced lines. Japan often has a problem with bandwagon effect; "this line is so long... I want to be a part it."

Iga Grio is wearing a special costume for the Kodomo no hi weekend; note the origami samurai helmet and the Kintarou apron. Iga Grio is is a 3rd grade elementary school student and a ninja (Iga is famous for ninja).

Kirara chan. Looks a lot like Rainbow Bright. Kirara represents the Kyotanabe City Tourism Department.

Go home Inappi, you are drunk. Inappi is a character from Aichi prefecture.

Tabo-kun reprsents the Inzuma Rock Fest.

Goya sensei wearing a yukata, rather than the usual hip-hop outfit.

Expensive beef.

Hula dancers on the stage.
The event has a long list of performers scheduled to take the stage during the ten day event (but some days have no scheduled performers).

The dishes that look interesting were quite expensive.

When you but tickets the staff preemptively had out this breath mints.

A small meal that costs over 2100 yen.