Thursday, May 31, 2018

Takaishi Seaside Festival 2014


Hamadera Park, in southern Osaka is near the final stop of the street car that runs from Tennoji station.

The park is a long strip of land that runs along the sea. The park features a number of attractions including gardens, a youth hostel, a miniature train ride, go-karts, a BBQ area, playgrounds, a nearby rowing dock and a water park.

June is usually the rainy season, but in mid-June the park hosts the first big fireworks show of the season. the fireworks attract at huge crowd. Fireworks crowds always overwhelm public transportation but Hamadera Park is located near three train lines; JR Hanwa, Nankai and the street car (or the Hankai Line tram).

The fireworks are part of a larger event called the Takaishi Seaside Festival (Takaishi is a suburb of Osaka). The festival starts several hours before the fireworks and features yattai food stalls and entertainers. There are stage performances that include musical performers, mascots, prize games, celebrity appearances, martial arts demonstrations.

There following photo journal is from the Takaishi Seaside Festival from 6/15/2014.

Two-seat go-karts on a closed course at Hamadera park. The vehicles have a perimeter bumper and the course consists of narrow lanes enclosed in curbs but the curves and changes in elevation make the course fun. The price to ride is reasonable (about 500 yen?).

A mini-train that runs around the southern part of the park.
The inside of the train car certainly seems to have been designed for children.

During the festival you can see some street performers entertaining the crowds.
here is a  clown / balloon artist / stilt-walker.

Fireworks. A 2-second exposure.

Fireworks. 3-second exposure.

3-second exposure of fireworks

Rowers on the bay next to the park. The island across the water from the park is an island that has numerous oil refineries.

A karate demonstration.

A pretty MC interviewing the karate kids.
I like the facial expression of the girl posed behind the boy being interviewed.

Traditional dance performers on stage.

A demonstration of Iaido.

These university students spiced up their iaido demonstration with masks and music.

Fox masks are common festival fare.

A karate demonstration.

A sparring match with protective equipment.

The park has some impressive playground equipment.

Tennyon, the mascot for Takaishi City.