Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fushimi Inari Motomiya


In July, during Gion Matsuri,Fushimi Inari has a special event in which lanterns are used to illuminate the torii gates in the area.

This event is a particularly popular night to visit the shrine which is already considered the most popular destination for tourists in Japan.

The main gate leading to the shrine.

Many people get dressed up in yukata.

Rows and lanterns and red color everywhere.

A bon dance stage with a guest performance by Okinawa style Esa dancers/drummers.

Nice light here.

Moon over the main shrine building (honden).

Shinme, a god horse statue.

Painted lantern boxes and fox-shaped ema plates behind a person wearing a yukata.

Lanterns and moonlight
Girls wearing yukata and fox masks waiting for a train.