Monday, July 23, 2018

Murasame; Onboard a Japanese Destroyer


The Murasame is a destroyer that is a part of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF, or simply the Japanese Navy).

Ship role

The ship carries ship to surface missiles, anti-missile guns, a large artillery turret, torpedoes, anti-missile missiles and a helicopter which is equipped with search and rescue equipment, anti-submarine weapons and small machine guns.

Technical Specifications

The is 151 meters long and weighs 4550 tons. Has engines that supply 60,000 horsepower from gas turbine engines that drive a two-screw propulsion system to a speed of 30 knots (34.5 mph/55kmh). The ship can carry a crew of 165 people.

The following photo journal is from a public relations day that was held when the ship docked at Osaka-ko port on 7/22 (part of a four day docking which offered two days for public tours of the ship).

Military staff welcoming visitors aboard after a simple precursory bag check.

The Japanese flag in the foreground.
In the background you can see cranes and heaps of coal at the Mitsubishi shipyards.

On deck

76mm shell. Similar to those being fired from tanks in WWII.

A 76mm turrent. Which can be operated remotely and loads automatically for rapid fire.

Anchor chains.

Some staff wear armbands to indicate that they have prepared some tour guide information.

You can see the port of Osaka in the background with some major tourist landmarks;
the Temposan Ferris Wheel, the Kaiyukan Aquarium, the Santa Maria tour boat and the Temposan Bridge.

A machine gun system similar to what was seen on the Kaga earlier this year.
A Phalanx system? 

The missile launching deck with 16 hatches.

Information about the weapon systems in English and Japanese.

These torpedo tubes were covered with images of the ships crew (maybe to cover up some information on the tube hatches?).
A rescue dummy demonstrating a sea lift.

Inofrmation about the surface to air missile system. 

You can see the surface to air missile tubes in the foreground.

Sikorsky (Mistubishi?) SH-60 Seahawk

Visitors trying on a flight helmet and jacket.

The complicated rotor system on the helicopter.

Crew explaining the flare system to a child. He referred to the flares as "fireworks" (hanabi) in this explanation.

Color coding on the tail rotor.

Ordinary people taking a look at the ship.

The Rising Sun Flag (Kyokujitsu ji) is still used by navy ships.

The port of Osaka in the background.

The tail of the SH-60 with the ships hanger in the background.


The Japanaese Rising Sun Flag and the ship's flag.

A hands on demonstration of knot tying.

The helicopter hanger.

A torpedo.

An Elvis shirt.

Inside the cockpit of the SH-60 Seahawk.

Flight badge with a horseback samurai design.

Flight badge with an oni deisgn.

Flight badge indicating a middle-eastern deployment.

Flight badges indicating American cooperation.

Anti-submarine flight badge.

Many more flight badges.

The Rising Sun flag.