Saturday, July 7, 2018

Shitennoji Tanabata Tunnel 2018


Despite the rain this year and the cancellation of most of the planned Tanabata events Shitennoji Temple persisted and held their Tanabata event. Shitennoji Temple has a Tanabata Tunnel event from 7/6-7/8. The LED lights in the tunnel are on until midnight but the temple lights that illuminate the fukinagashi (large hanging decorations) are only on until about 11:30.

Some of the tanzaku (colored wish papers) were noticeable water damaged from the rain during the first day.

The following photo journal is from 7/7/2018. 

Fukinagashi. Note that they carry the name of a sponsor organization.

You can see Harukasu (the tallest office building in Japan).
Looking closely at the fukinagashi you can see strings of paper cranes.

The west gate of the temple.

Fukinagashi with a star theme.

A nice mix of lighting.

A long exposure turns moving people into ghosts.

Using a snow cross filter for the sparkle effect.

Strings of flashing white LEDs among a field of blue LEDs.

People adding their wishes to the tunnel.

A fukinagashi that reads "Tanabata"

The neon colors of the fukinagashi look great.

A passing car outside the west gate cast a glare onto the snow cross filter.

Low ISO settings to reveal the temple pagoda against the night sky.

A wall of bamboo branches.

Visiting couples posing in yukata.

Higher settings for brightness and f/stop.

The wet paving stones of the temple reflect light nicely.

Stall set up along the approach to the west gate.

Street lights reflecting nicely off the wet pavement.