Friday, July 27, 2018

Tenjin Matsuri 2018; part 2

Tenjin Matsuri 2018; Part 2d

The second day of Tenjin Matsuri (July 25th)

Cases of beer as offerings to the shrine

The lucky ox and shrine representatives.
The ox is the companion animal of Tenjin; the god of learning and arts.

The girls surveying the mikoshi.
A women in the foreground stands by with a parasol.

Posed like a danjiri SpiderMan.

Festival girls visiting a sponsoring restaurant in the shopping arcade.

Posu Kuma; a bear mascot for the post office.

A little girl in a yukata carrying a water yo-yo.

Staff handing out boxes of promotional fans.

Yukata girls at streetside restaurant near Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.

Mikoshi lanterns bearers.

Everyone looking tired at the end of the festival.

The mikoshi re-entering the shrine to conclude the festival.

Lantern bearers. Note the plum blossom emblem of Tenjin shrines.

A mikoshi team rallying to lift the mikoshi before it re-enters the shrine.

An unusual hairstyle

Passing through a chinowa, straw wreath.

Strings of shells to simulate wisteria branches.

An old doll ornament from festivals long ago.

The two mikoshi side by side.

The mikoshi being hoisted up for the last hoorah of the festival.