Thursday, August 23, 2018

September 2018; Kansai Events

9月 関西祭
September 2018; Upcoming Kansai Events 

8/31-9/2.  Kobe Yosakoi. Team dance performances.

Kobe Yosakoi

9/1. After sunset. Himuro Shrine ice lanterns. Near Kintetsu Nara Station.

August-January. There will be a Taito Space Invaders Exhibition at Yodabashi Camera.

9/1-2. 11:00-19:30. Ikutama Shrine festival. Near Tanimachi-9-Chome station.

9/2. 10:00-17:00. Waotosai in Amagasaki. Boat race, drum performances and a drum workshop near Hanshin Amagasaki Center Pool Mae Station.

9/2. 18:30-20:00. Evening Noh performance at Kyoto Station Building on the 4th floor.

9/2 (first Sunday of August). Hassaku Festival. There will be a sumo ceremony (including the crying baby ceremony) at Matsunoo Shrine in Kyoto. There will also be various special stage performances. Near Matsunoo Taisha station in Kyoto.

9/3. 10a-7p. Sennan Sakura Fes.

9/3. 10:30a-4p. Berkeley Fair. An American themed fair in Sakai to celebrate the sister-city relationship between Sakai and Berkeley California.

9/3-10/8. Attack on Titan Animation Gallery at Hirakata Park. Near Hirakata Koen Station on the Keihan line.

9/5. 8.8million drill; there will be a regional disaster drill and the telephone alert system will be tested, so be ready for an alarm from your cell phone. 11am earthquake drill and 11:03 tsunami drill.

9/8-9. Koiya Matsuri. A Yosakoi style team dance event. Near Osaka-jo Koen Station.

9/8, 9/22. People for Mt. Ogura, a volunteer group, will be doing maintenance in The Arashiyama bamboo grove in Kyoto. You can volunteer through their website.

9/8. 18:00-20:30. Harvest Moon performances at Shoryuji Castle Park. Near Nagaokakyo station.

9/8-9. Camping Car Fair at INTEX.

? 9/14-16. 12:00-21:00. Fiesta Mexicana at Umeda Sky Building.

Fiesta Mexicana

9/9. 10:00-20:30p. Yao Kawachi Ondo Matsuri. Stage performances by locals and a big bon dance. This festival holds the Guiness World Record for the largest bon dance. At Kyuhoji Ryokuchi Park near Kyuhoji station.

9/9-10. 10a-8pm. Koiya Fes. Team stage dancing events in the yosakoi style. At Osaka Castle Park near Osakajo Koen station.

9/9. Cosplay Day at the Hamadera Koen Pool.

9/9. 9:00. Taga shrine Kochikochi sumo ritual.

9/9-23. September Sumo Basho in Tokyo. You can expect to see national television coverage of these sumo matches.

9/9. 10:00. Chouyou Shinji / Karasu-zumo. Sumo ceremony for elementary school kids at Kamigamo Shrine. Dedications at 10:00, sumo will start at 10:45.

9/9. Mitakari-sai. Sumo ceremony at Oharano shrine in Kyoto. Near Katsura station.

9/9. Eisa Matsuri. Noon-8p(?). Taisho ward Chushima park grounds. South of Taisho station.
Eisa Matsuri. 2017 poster.

9/12. 13:00-15:30. Sword crafts demonstrations; polishing, scabbard making and silver-smithing of sword accessories. 500 yen and participation is limited to 200 people.

9/10. Suicide prevention walk. 4p-6p walking from Karasuma Ouke to Sanjo station. Then dinner at the Pig and Whistle restaurant.

9/13. 18:30-21:30. Lantern night festival at Isasa Shrine. Near Kusatsu Station.

9/14-16. 12:00-21:00. Fiesta Mexicana Osaka 2018. At Umeda Sky Building near Osaka Station.

9/15. Mihashira-jinja kids sumo ritual.
9/15-16. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri.
Kishiwada Danjiri

9/14-17. Plum Wine fair at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto.

9/15. 11:00. Yoshitsune Festival. Martial arts demonstrations at at Kurama-dera near Kurama station in Kyoto.

Martial arts demonstrations at Kurama-dera.
9/14-17. Yatai Fes! 2017. Food vending stalls around Osakajo Koen.

9/15-17. Fall Festival at Hochigai Shrine in Sakai. Near Sakai-shi Station.

9/16-17. Amagasaki Danjiri festival. Near Hanshin Amagasaki Station.

?9/16-17. 2:30pm Saturday-10pm Sunday. Kawabe Hachimangu Fall Festival. This festival is held on a weekend in the middle of September every year. This festival features one of the latest fireworks events for the year. A portable shrine will be carried into the river and followed by a fireworks show at 7:40pm of the first day (Saturday).

Kawabe Hachimangu Shrine Fall Festival
9/15. From noon. Yodogawa Kumin Festival.

9/15-16. 11a-9p. Okazaki Gala Day. Stage shows and food stalls around Okazaki Park in Kyoto. Near Higashiyama station.

9/15-16. 10a-8p. Kyoto International Manga Fair. Near Higashiyama station.

9/14-17. Kyoto Umeshu Matsuri. A plum wine festival at Kitano Tenmangu shrine in Kyoto. A bus ride from Demachiyanagi station in Kyoto.

9/15. 2p-10p. Takedao Tunnel Art Event 2017. Music, art and movies in an abandoned train tunnel near Takedao station on the Takarazuka line.

9/15-11/4. 9:30a-4p. A seaside garden near Maiko station will have the Awaji Fall Flower Festival.

9/16. 11:00-12:00. Hozoin Spear School demonstration in Nara.

9/15-16. 18:00-19:00 (19:30 on the first night). Takasago Manto Sai illuminations. Near Takasago station.

9/15-16. Kyoto Okazaki Hare Butai dance festival at Okazaki Park in Kyoto.

9/15-17. World Performers Festival at Temposan. Around Kaiyukan and Temposan Market.

World Performers Festival

9/16. 11a-6p. Kobe Steelpan Carnival. Suma Kaihan koen.

9/16.  11a-7:30p.Yamato Sakurai Festival. Markets, lanterns and stage shows. Kintetsu Sakurai station.

9/15 (third Sunday). Waraji Festival. A huge sandal is floated out to sea.

9/16. English Rakugo.

9/17. 16:30-19:30. Evening Noh performance at Oritooshi Shrine. Near Nagataki station.

?9/19. 8:30a-4:30p. Heian Jingu will open the garden for free. Usually visitors have to pay a fee to see this beautiful Japanese garden in Kyoto.

9/19-20. Ikuta Shrine Fall Festival. Near Sannomiya station in Kobe.

9/21. 16:00-20:30. Evening Noh performance. At Shiramine Shrine. Near Imadegawa station in Kyoto.

9/21-23. Nishinomiya Matsuri. Local stage events, a parade and omikoshi that is open to foreign volunteers.

9/22-24. Mid-Autumn Festival at Nankinmachi Kobe Chinatown.

9/23. Takasegawa boat festival in Kyoto.

Maiko posing for photos at the Takasegawa festival in Kyoto.

9/17, 9/22-24 (3rd Sunday). Hagi Matsuri (bush flower festival) at Nashinoki shrine in Kyoto.

9/23. Equinox sunset at Saigasaki lighthouse. Wakayama station to Saigasaki yuen bus the a 20 minute walk.

9/23. Solar equinox. You can see the setting sun through the gates of Shitennoji Temple.

Equinox sunset at Shitennoji Temple

9/22-23 (third weekend of August every year). Hagi Matsuri, a demonstration of traditional Japanese performing arts (geisha dances, traditional instruments) and martial arts (iaido and kyudo). Near Demachiyanagi station in Kyoto.

9/23. Zakoba fish market near Noda Station.

9/22-23. Kobe Alive yosakoi team dance event.

?9/23-24. Asuka village scarecrow festival and temple lanterns.

9/22-23. 1250 year anniversary memorial at Kasuga Shrine in Nara.

?9/23-24. Indonesia Film Festival in Osaka.

?9/22-23. A parade is held in the morning of 9/23 after 10a. Abeno Seimei Festival in Kyoto.
Abeno Seimemi Festival

?9/23. 10a-5p. Nishijin Traditional Culture Festival. Imadegawa station in Kyoto.

9/23. Kamen Rider show at Hirakata Park.

Autumn Full Moon Viewing Events

  • 9/24. 17:30-21:00. Shimogamo Shrine Moon Viewing performances.
  • First full moon of August. Moon Viewing Festival at Taga Shrine.
  • 9/24. 18:00-20:00. Shuushisai. Moon Viewing Ceremony at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.

9/24. Nuibosai rice harvesting festival at Taga Shrine.

9/24. Uneme boat festival. Near Kintetsu Nara station.

?9/23-24. 10-21:00. Asuka corridor of light. Kashihawa Jingu-mae and Asuka station.

9/23. Around sunset. Hozanji Mantou Festival.

Hozanji Temple near Ikoma station.

4th Sunday of September. Tajima cattle festival. 10a-4p. Hamasaka station to Yumura Onsen bus to Tajima pasture park.

On the 2nd and 4th Wedndesday each month. 10a-4p. Free visa consultation at the Osaka International House near Uehonmachi station.

?9/25. Walk-through Gokasho townscape. Art, antiques and traditional costumes. Notogawa station then a bus to Plaza Sanpoyoshi.

9/25. Noon-2pm. Kushi Matsuri. Near Gion Shijo station in Kyoto.

9/26-28. Smart Energy Week at INTEX.

9/28. Bonfire at Takidani Fudousan Temple.

9/22-30. Garden Show at Akashi Castle Park.

9/29. Hikone Castle Night Light-up.

9/30. 16:00-19:00. Approximately from 4p - 9p. Yagura festival near Hannan station.

Yagura of Hannan City.
They work like a two-wheel version of danjiri, but there is a wild pivot and a seesaw.

September ?-?. Outdoor yoga at Nakanoshima Park in Osaka.

9/30. Air show in the far north of Kyoto prefecture.

8/25-9/3. 5p-10p. The Carnival Walk area near Nankai Namba station will feature a  number of reataurants serving food outdoors. All dishes are limited to a maximum cost of 500¥.

 Tsukimi in the pond of Koroji temple in Kyoto, north of Arashiyama station.

10/4. 6:30~8:30p. Tsukimi ceremony including traditional dance by Maiko.

10/4. Viewing the month of Gion at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto near Gion Shijo Station.

10/4. Moon view of Shimogamo Shrine. Near Demachiyanyagi station in Kyoto.

10/4. Himeji Tsukimi

10/4-5. Ishiyamadera Temple moon viewing festival. Near Ishiyamadera Temple.