Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Osaka Hobby Fes 2018


The Osaka Hobby Fes was held for the 3rd time on 10/28/2018.
The event features various types of model building and some special exhibitors which are all hosted in the INTEX convention center (near Nakafuto station)

Model Trains

Model train sets and and miniature towns.
Several train lines around a large model town.

A professional setup beyond anything a kid would have at home.

A camera overlooking the train activity. With the tripod, the camera looks like some sort of invading mech.

Booth for a company selling LED lights and miniature Ferris wheels.

The booth for a supplier selling materials for miniature landscapes.

A miniature train bridge that looks super realistic.

Jars of miniature vegetation and soil looks like some sort of drug lab.

Miniature buses.

Mecha and Posable Action Figures

Agma, figures from the Little Armory booth 

An anti-aircraft gun and various other at the Little Armory booth.

Miniature scenery at the LittleArmory booth.

Kotobukiya booth

Hexagears soldiers

A "Bulkarm Alpha" from the Hexagears series

Very similar to Zoids figures.

A mechanical dinosaur similar to the Zoids series.

A Hexagears mech.

Kotobukiya figures.

Kotobukiya company figures

A school swimsuit?

Looks similar to the weapon portals from Fate/Stay Night which Gilgamesh used.

Hexagears mech

Similar to Gundam

Free Arms series?

Free Arms figure

A Free Arms figure with oversized missles

Megami Device figures.

Megami Device

Megami Device

Megami Arms?

Ace Combat fighter jets.
Ace Combat is a popular fighter jet game series that also includes many real-world military aircraft.

Megami Device figures

Psylocke from the X-Men. A character from Marvel, an American comic book publisher.

Miniature kabuki figures

Japan Self Defense Force booth, showing off military equipment and capitalizing on the military enthusiasts who are attracted to figures.

Detailed models of naval ships.

A ridable train set that encircles the PlayRail area

A large model train set using PlayRail Parts (plastic train sets usually aimed at smaller children).
Here the set is being disassembled with the help of a young boy who is standing on the table amid the set.

Realistic car models from AUTOart

Kizuna AI.A popular YouTuber featured in an earlier article.

The Tokyo Figures booth featuring Fate/Stay character Saber / Nero Claudius 

Tokyo Figures booth with Sun Wukong

Aoshima booth with a miniature itasha (decorated car).

Space Battleship Yamato figures at the Mega House booth


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