Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas "Tree" at Osaka Grand Front

Grand Front Christmas 2018

"Grand Wish Christmas; Sparkling"


Every year the Grand Front complex next to Osaka station sets up various seasonal displays, such as a skating rink, lights and a large artistic installation in an open lobby space of the "Knowledge Plaza." This year the theme is "sparkling."

This year the Christmas decorations take the form of what looks like a champagne cascade made of lights which is called "Sparking Ray" and was designed by Kimi Hasegawa from Velveta Design.

The following photo journal is from 11/29/2018:

For some shots I used a polarization filter to eliminate the reflection from the floor but the shots that appeal to me are those with with reflection.

Increasing the color warmth setting on the camera.

A poinsettia being projected onto a net behind the light fountain.



Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hoshi no Blanco Bridge


Hoshi no Blanco Bridge, in Hoshida Enchi Park, is a rope bridge that spans 280 meters and hangs 50 meters over the valley below.
It can be reached by a 50 minute hike from Kisaichi station, a few stops from Hirakata station.

It is located near the botanical gardens where the Kisaichi Amanogawa event is held in August.

Photo journal from 11/29/2018 and the fall foliage at the time seems to be at an ideal peak :

Hoshi no Blanco Bridge.
The two steel support towers are 200 meters apart.

Japanese maple (red) and gingko trees (yellow).

Ducks casting shadows on the bottom of a clear stream.

Brilliant red of a Japanese maple in a bamboo grove.

Japanese maple in the foreground with a colorful mountain in the background.

Sunlight beaming through a Japanese maple tree showing off orange, yellow and red leaves.

A boardwalk near Hoshida park.
A sign on the boardwalk welcoming people to Hoshida enchi, a quasi national park.

A climbing wall at the park.
You can try for 700 yen.

Someone climbing to the top.

The colors on the tree look like a burst of fireworks.

Hoshi no Blanco Bridge as seen from below.

Directly below the bridge.

There are rest spaces near the bridge to enjoy the view.

A view giving you a sense of how much the bridge sags in the center.

Fall colors all around.

Nice view of the valley below.

On the rope bridge. You can feel an increasing amount of sway as you  approach the center.
Note the safety nets on the side when you reach the center.

The bridge is about 1.2 wide, so it may be difficult to get past groups of people who are posing for photos.

About a 50-meter drop down.

Girls posing for photos with a GoPro and remote control application on a smartphone.

Two steel support structure holding up the rope bridge.

Power lines in the distance.

Maples and a flowing stream on the trail to Hoshida Park from Kisaichi Station.
Sony DX400v shot
The same shot as above but using a Eken H9s action camera mounted to the top of the Sony.
Note the effect of the wide angle lens.

A large Joro spider that looks like something from a Legend of Zelda game.

The cabin of a Keihan train at Kisaichi station.

Wide view from the bridge.

Wide view from the bridge.
Note the safety nets.

Wide view from the bridge.

You can see people hiking on a trail beneath the bridge.

A great place to view fall foliage.

On the bridge

. 2018.12.10 星のブランコ . 昨日はお昼からの予定がキャンセルされたので 久々のボッチ撮影行ってきました🏃‍♂️ . 星のブランコは去年日曜日に行こうとしたところダダ混みだったので 諦めてt-siteに行った思い出があります😇 . そんなこんなで12月の休みはどこに撮りに行っていいのかわからない状況になりました💁🏻‍♂️ . 大人しく寝るか💁🏻‍♂️ . #great_myshotz #daily_photo_jpn #bestjapanpics#art_of_japan_ #pt_life_#deaf_b_j_#lovers_amazing_group#jalan_travel#special_spot_#love_bestjapan#広がり同盟#大阪カメラ部#関西カメラ部#けしからん風景#風景写真好きな人と繋がりたい#東京カメラ部#ダレカニミセタイケシキ#カメラ男子#土曜日の小旅行#今日もx日和#風景写真を撮るのが好きな人と繋がりたい #いいね返し#星のブランコ #紅葉🍁 #紅葉狩り #大阪観光 #大阪旅行 #吊り橋#ほしだ園地 .
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Kaiyukan Illumination


Every year year Kaiyukan Aquarium, one of the most popular attractions in Osaka, decorates the area outside of the aquarium with lights that add an extra level of attraction for visitors after the sun sets.
The Temposan Market Square and even the streets that lead from Osaka-ko station are lit with lihgts that have an aquatic theme.

This illumination event is viewable for free in a public (but you will still need to pay the usuall 2300 yen admission fee to go inside Kaiyukan). 

The illumination event will run from 11/9/2018-3/3/2019. 17:00-22:00.

The following photo journal is from 11/26/2018:

The orbs change color.

There is a synchronized lighting programs which is programmed along with music.

Fountains in front of Temposan.

A arch of color changing LEDs..

Whales, jellyfish, dolphins penguins; the outside is made to look like the inside.

Yellow only color filter.

Blue only color filter.

A ferris wheel halo for this penguin.

Dolphins while the iconic Jimbei Shark in the background.

A jellyfish Christmas tree.

The jimbei shark with a rainbow of internal lighting as a musical program 

Blue only color filter.

Strings of colorful lights on the side of Kaiyukan.

The Temposan Ferris Wheel is always colorful.

Lights on the street near Osaka-ko station.