Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tore Tore Market


Tore Tore Market in Shirahama

Tore Tore Market is a seaside fish market in Shirahama, near the famous white sand beaches of Shirahama in the southern part of Wakayama prefecture.
The market features a large cylindrical fish tank with live fish on display near the entrance, tanks full of live sea food, plenty of vendors selling freshly caught (never frozen) seafood, some prepared and frozen foods, packaged local foods and souvenirs.
The market is operated by the Kataka Fisheries Cooperative, so there are a number of small businesses that you can deal with on the market floor.

In addition to the fish market, there are also some restaurants arranged around a cafeteria where you can order food, including fresh sushi. If you purchase foods that require some cooking, there is also an outdoor barbecue porch area where you can prepare the food you just purchased; making this one of the rare places where foreigners can casually enjoy this type of market.

The biggest attraction at the market at the tuna cutting shows that take place two or three times a day (the most reliable time to see a show is around lunchtime, when the crowds are the largest: 11:00-13:00). During the tuna cutting show one of the large tunas will be hauled onto a table where it is sliced in various portion sizes; from huge wholesale slabs to more casual sashimi servings.

If you want to catch your own fish, there is a stocked pond behind the market. The market also has some resort facilities such as a complex of bungalows (starting at 9200 yen per person) and a spa.

Photo journal from 6/29/2014:

The tuna cutting show draws quite a large crowd. Immediately after the show the piece of tuna are made available for sale and placed into containers.

The Tore Tore Ichiba [market] in Shirahama.

Large tanks for storing live sea-food; fish, crabs and urchins mostly.
This is a just a spetacle for visiting; the staff will withdraw fish from here before they go sale in the market.

Much of the market is laid out like a supermarket, where goods are paid for at a central cashier, but there are also individual stalls where you pay the operator directly.
Note the large fiberglass sea creature decorations hanging from the ceiling; this reminds me of the Kuromon market in Osaka.

Fresh squid on ice.
In the background you can see crates of seafood which have large yellow labels hanging from the ceiling above to inform people from a distance (Japanese only in most cases).

Fresh sushi in the cafeteria.
It can be hard to find a place to sit with your food in the crowded cafeteria.
A lot of large family groups pass through here.
Here you can see a try with tuna, salmon, eel and egg.

Near the market there a local bus stops that can take you to the Shirahama train station, or there are special buses which can take you to major cities, like Osaka.